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Eduardo Escalante was born in Antofagasta, Chile in 1942. Among his brilliant curriculum we can highlight his initial training as a Spanish teacher at the Pedagogical Institute of the University of Chile, Vasparaiso headquarters where he earned a degree in Linguistics Literature & a Master’s in Social Sciences at the University of Wales, Great Britain. Eduardo Escalante was a professor at the University of Chile and a post graduate teacher at the Arturo Prat and Catolica del Maule University (Chile).

At the international level, he participated in different academic programs at teh National Technological University (Argentina), the National University of Cuyo (Argentina) and the Aconcagua University (Argentina), among others. Eduardo always stood out for his dynanmism, intelligence, creativity and closeness to people, regardless of their social, intellectual, or cultural condition. Restless, truthful, and proactive by nature and vocation, he served as a curriculum teacher and planner at Headquarters during the times of the University Reform, fruitful taska that he had to leave due to his imprisonment and subsequent exile, where he lived in Wales.

Teacher of several generations of undergraduate and graduate students, Eduardo stood out personally for his creative and dynamic spirit, of direct and close treatment, which also led him to explore fields related to mathematics,computer science, and poetry. Like many, he had to live the pain of exile with his wife Nancy and their two children. He returned to his “alma mater” in the nineties where, in addition to teaching, he held senior management positions until he became Provost of the UPLA. He was an IDB consultant and director of the Research of the Facultry of Psychology of the Aconcagua University (Argentina) and a researcher at the Juan Agustin Maza University (Argentina).

Eduardo was a researcher and writer. During his life, he published works in multiple scientific articles and magazines in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Columbia,, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Spain. In addition to these articles he has written multiple books about statistics and research in Chile and Argentina.

His works have been incorporated into the sites Arte Poetica, Cultural Heritage Project, Writers and Poets in Spanish, Letras de Chile in which several of his poems have been published.

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